12 Calderone Drive
Wallkill, NY 12589

As Autumn's rust percolates,
Golden nuggets and rubys begin to appear around the ridges rule.

Lost amongst the sea of gems lies this wooden house,
That glows in the night's darkness.

Go inside and you shall find a gem
That you can't find anywhere else

So powerful is this gem that when you leave
You glow like a warm fire inside and out

Thanks for the sweet memories,
Philippe Rosier

Sophia was my friend for 18 years. Visitors and the aroma of breakfast on the stove were her passions Her presence reflected in my Mystic Garden, she will be loved and missed forever. This is my friend Elvis who got
his name while living Memphis.
He now lives in NYC with his rescuers, Jen and David Greenberg. Bacon, pumpkin muffins, and walking to the
Lake are what rock Elvis' world.
This is Norton, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He visited with his family, Elke, Hakan, Elina and Patrick from Sweden over the Christmas holiday. Elke said, "I
will always remember Christmas
at Bernetta's Place".
This is Tiffany just knowing that she's looking good! She paid us a visit with her owners Elaine and Wayne in August of 2008. Tif had a very good time and apparently her owners did too...they got engaged while they were here!
Bouie is the fashion plate of our B&B. Pictured here in cashmere, you will always find her dressed
to impress!
Meet Willie Bean. He starred in
the movie Sex in the City and
his mom composed some of the music.
Sisters Maddie and Ophelia are actually Willie Beans cousins, visiting from Michigan! This is Roxy strolling down Penny Lane. She is always with her Mom while she auditions for the new commercials.
This camera crazy ham is Arthur, pictured here with his owners Megan and Martin. Kathy, along with daughters Sara and Amanda, recently joined their dog Einstein for a visit. This is Lola; my newest addition and the new doggy of the house. She was rescued from Nashville. Here's Superman lounging in the living room with his owner's Linda and Sal.
Two and four legged visitors to Bernetta's enjoy the final days of Winter in the Catskill Mountains. Tracy, Mary, Jess, Dan, David and Jen relax with their pooches in the living room. Max enjoys the beautiful Spring weather on the bluestone patio with his Aunt Jancy.
Fishermen Henry, Ada, Amy and Hubert came without pets, but met some very cooperative fish. Harry and his family recently stayed with us including his baby brother Ben. Baron and Michelle enjoy a warm Spring day at Bernetta's with
their best friend Max.
Michelle and Miguel enjoy a sunny summer day in the Catskills.
Amelia and Chuck the dog! Sasha and her owner, Roz. Elaina and Max enjoy the pristine air of a winter day in the Catskills. Elke and Norton join Max in a small cave they discovered.
Farah and her son Philippe were just the most delightful guests! Alice and Arturo enjoying a warm Autumn day in the Catskills. Tula and her very educated palette visited with Kim and Mara. Kayla visited with Ryan and Lesley and didn't want to leave!
Einstein came back to visit and
he and Kathy enjoyed a bike ride!
Emerson and Lucky brought their owners Debbie and Hillary along. Honey and John brought along 3 pooches during their stay. Kathie and Katie tooling around the countryside.